Charla sobre Sociolingüística: Latin@identity in Latin hip hop online

GC Linguistics Ph.D. / M.A. Program

Sociolinguistics Lunch Lecture Series

Spring 2016

 Matthew Garley – York College / CUNY


Title: Choutouts: Language contact and Latin@ identity in Latin hip hop online        

Abstract: Hispanic or Latin@ Americans feature prominently in many long-standing and continuing sociopolitical debates about immigration, assimilation, and culture, and the Latin hip hop community presents a particularly complex and controversial image. At the same time, this subculture provides a unique window into language contact and repertoires of language mixing and code-switching. This study investigates the use and mixture of Spanish and English varieties in Latin hip hop lyrics alongside language production in community interaction in new media, focusing on YouTube video comments. I examine the use of English and Spanish varieties in Latin hip hop in terms of both lyrics and community reaction/discussion of artists’ linguistic choices. Building on Cutler’s (2012) research on Chicano hip hop videos and comments, this qualitative analysis reveals further complexities of regional ties and demographic differences in the US-Latin@ community, identity performance, and authenticity through language use in Latin hip hop.

Date:    Friday, February 26th

Time:    2pm-4pm

Room:   9207

Join us for refreshments after the lecture

ALL Welcome!

Ph.D. / M.A. Program in Linguistics, CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Ave, New York 10016

 Phone: 212-817-8500. Email: website:



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