Ponencia sobre Mahfud Massís y Carlos de Rokha en Conferencia de Teoría Política en CUNY


State/Terror Program

Second Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Theory Workshop

Friday, March 13, 2015; Room 5414, The Graduate Center, CUNY
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12.45: Welcome/Hello
Sumru Atuk and John McMahon

1.00-2.15: Economies of State/Terror: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, and The State

  • Omar Montana (Sociology), “Narcocapacity and the US-Colombian Complex”
  • Erika Iverson (Political Science) and Nick Micinski (Political Science), “Migration Policy as State/Terror”
  • Alexander Kolokotronis (Philosophy, Queens College), “The State as Actor: Illustrating (Re)territorialization and Deterritorialization
  • Charles Dolph (Anthropology), “From the ‘passions and the interests’ to ‘hearts and minds’: Political arguments for capitalism, before and after its triumph”
  • Discussant: Rachel Brown (Political Science)

2.30-3.45: Discourses and Aesthetics of State/Terror and its Responses

  • Emma Jacobs (Political Science), “Not a Terrorist: Framing Yemeni Opposition to US Drone Strikes”
  • Gemma Sharpe (Art History), “Don’t say ‘radical’: Artist as terrorist and other issues in the display of contemporary Pakistani Art”
  • Mariana Romo-Carmona (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages), “State/Terror in 1930s Chile: The language of terror in the poetry of Mahfud Massis and Carlos de Rokha
  • Discussant: Emily Crandall (Political Science)
  • Carlos de Rokha
Mahfud Massis with wife, Luko de Rokha, and son, Antonio


4.00 – 5.15: Managing Techniques of Security: Justifications of State/Terror

  • Marisa Tramontano (Sociology), “Homo Securitus: Subjectivization and Israel’s Operation Protective Edge
  • Stefanie A. Jones (Theatre), “Surveillance Assemblages and An Experience Economy of Racism”
  • Philip Johnson (Political Science), “Guantanamo Bay: State of Exception, Site of Terror, Fun in the Sun”
  • Discussant: Joanna Tice (Political Science)

5.15: Wine and Cheese

6.00: Performance of Western in a Bunk-bed,an original play by Cristina Pérez Díaz (Classics, The Graduate Center)

Part of Looking At the Stage: New Perspectives on Greek and Roman Performance, the 8th Annual Graduate Student Conference of the PhD/MA Program in Classics at The Graduate Center. The State/Terror Workshop joins the Classics Conference to create a capstone for both events.

  • Directed by Javier González, artistic director of Caborca
  • Performed by members of Caborca Theatre
  • Talk back after the performance
  • Segal Theatre on the 1st floor of The Graduate Center




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